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Singing releases the ‘happy’ chemicals that boost your mood and make you feel good about yourself. Scientists believe that’s one of the reasons why people report being on a high while singing and continuing to feel positive, uplifted and motivated afterwards.


On special Sundays, at the 10:30, a special worship service is led by the members of the church, and YOU!  We feature festive music you choose!  Old hymns from your childhood that fill your heart and new hymns that are easy to follow with their colorful melodies all come to life as we sing them together... just for fun.

How it works: After a welcome and introduction we open the floor to you.  Raise your hand, choose a hymn, and we all turn to the page and sing together.  We supply the reference sheet listing the familiar old and new titles for you to choose from.  Or you can use the index in the back of the hymnal and choose one that has special meaning to you. All voices are welcome.   Join us and fill our big sanctuary with words of love as we sing our praise.


Our choir director, Debbie Vail directs the singing while accompanists Laurel Adelman and Jane Hill play the music on the church organ and piano.  If you have a special music selection you'd like to perform or lead, please reach out to our choir director.


Coffee and cookies follow in the Fellowship Hall. Questions?  Call us at 503-738-7562 or email us HERE.

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